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Safe businesses


Minimising the risk of infection –
prevention and hygiene concept


Every tourist business in Vorarlberg is required by state ordinance to draft its own hygiene and prevention concept. Targeted measures are intended to keep the risk of infection at business as low as possible. The requirements for the hygiene and prevention concept are adapted to the conditions of the specific accommodation (hotel/private room and holiday apartment host).

According to the state ordinance, this concept includes:
  • A description of the specific prevention and hygiene requirements in the establishment in accordance with the preceding risk analysis
  • Concrete prevention measures for the use of spaces where guests and customers are present
  • Specific hygiene measures
  • Controls for contact minimisation as well as for the control of guest flows
  • Regulation of food and drink service
  • Regulations governing a response in case of a SARS-CoV-2 infection
Cable car industry and ski schools

The cable car industry and ski schools have already drawn up guidelines, checklists and measures for the upcoming winter season: