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Better protected –
mask requirement and safety measures


Accommodation and gastronomy will remain closed until the beginning of April (Eastern) 2021. Cable cars are allowed to open since 24 December 2020.

The current Covid-19 measures/rules of conduct can be found at Travel information > Vacations & Leisure

Information on safety measures in the ski resorts can be found at  Travel information > Ski resorts


During the 2020/21 winter season, the following safety measures will apply throughout Vorarlberg, irrespective of whether the Austrian Federal Government relaxes measures in future:

  • In catering establishments, guests must wear masks (except when seated at the table)
  • At accommodations, masks are required in all generally accessible indoor areas
Cable cars/public transport
  • A mask that covers the nose and mouth must be worn when using any form of public transport. They must also be worn in cable car stations and in places with limited freedom of movement, such as waiting areas at lifts or bus stops, indoors and outdoors
  • Access to cable car transport systems will be denied without a mask!
  • Masks are also required in closed customer zones and queuing areas (also outdoors)

By limiting capacity, in particular for cable cars, passenger management systems for queuing and access areas, and regulating the flow of guests (e.g. expanding operating hours and validity of time tickets, limiting parking spaces, etc.), cable car companies are taking further measures to avoid overcrowding.

Ski schools
  • Use of contact tracing amongst ski school guests during the period of instruction
  • During snow-sport instruction, a distance of 1 metre must be maintained or a mask that covers the nose and mouth is required where this is not possible
  • Group sizes may not exceed 10 participants (including instructors)
  • There are rules for course procedures and meeting places to keep the minimum distance within one’s own group and also to other groups
  • Ski school instructors are required to have a negative PCR test before starting work for the first time
  • PCR testing for the ski school staff on a weekly basis