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We are very pleased that you want to spend your vacations in Vorarlberg! Your health is our most important concern since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (Sars-CoV-2 pandemic).

Highest security for the people living in Vorarlberg and all our guests is also the goal of the so-called traffic light system, which was introduced by the Austrian Federal Government. It uses the colors green, yellow, orange and red to regulate which preventive measures are to be taken at district level.
For you as a guest in Vorarlberg, however, the traffic light regulation of the Vorarlberg state government is decisive: It offers you an even more detailed orientation and makes visible which regulations apply in your specific vacation resort or vacation region.

Our common goal is to reduce the risks of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects as much as possible in order to offer us and our guests a carefree and safe vacation stay in Vorarlberg and to support our businesses and partners in measures that will enable them to continue to keep the doors open. Personal responsibility and vigilance are our top priorities.

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