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Healthy guests


Contact Tracing


Contact tracing, the management of contact persons, is an indispensable tool for tracing the chain of infection and interrupting it as early as possible. For this reason, guest registration in Vorarlberg for the 2020/21 winter season is being made compulsory in the gastronomy sector by a state ordinance.

Digital Covid-19 guestbook

The manner in which the establishments collect the contact data of their guests is generally at their discretion. A digital, easy-to-use solution based on a QR code is available throughout the state of Vorarlberg as part of the Winterkodex Vorarlberg. This digital guestbook can also be used in various different industries, e.g. in retail or ski rental. The QR-Code based solution minimises the effort for both guests and businesses while meeting all data protection requirements

To use the digital guestbook, it is not necessary to download an app or enter any personal data.

This is how the digital guestbook for guests works: 
  • The participating businesses display their individual QR code in a clearly visible position in the entrance area or place it on the tables.
  • After the first scan, registration is completed and you can select the desired messaging service (Whatsapp, SMS or phone call).
  • The phone number (which is verified in the background), a nickname and the time of check-in are recorded in the system. You will then receive a registration confirmation (depending on the settings used).
  • By scanning the QR code and sending a predefined message, you can check out and check in as you wish.
  • In case contact tracing becomes necessary, the visitor data will be transmitted to the authorities, who will have immediate access to the verified telephone numbers needed for rapid contact.
  • Your data will only be passed on in the event of a decision by the health authorities.
  • All recorded visitor data will be deleted after 28 days.